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Art New England Review!

Nathaniel Walker, curator of the exhibition Building Expectation at the Bell Gallery at Brown University, just sent me this review of the show last night as seen in the November/December 2011 issue of Art New England. Thank you, Steve Starger! To learn more about View of Industriaclick here or here. The gallery of roughs and project development is here.

Build Expectations! View of Industria

At long last, the final drawing! View of Industria was done in graphite at 32″x48″, and digitally colored and printed at 48″x72″Commissioned as the centerpiece for the show Building Expectations: Past and Present Visions of the Architectural Future, it celebrates the city of Industria from Didier de Chousy’s novel Ignis: The Central Fire, published in France in 1883. I’m very excited for the official opening this Friday, September 9th, at the David Winton Bell Gallery in the List Center at Brown University!

Curator Nathaniel Walker, a doctoral candidate in architectural history at Brown University, has put together a fantastic collection featuring historic works from the fervid imaginations of past futurists along with newly commissioned art work (including my drawing!) to illustrate a fresh look at the future. He will kick off the show at 5:30 with a brief talk about these visions of the future. Hope to see you in Providence this Friday at 5:30pm!

For the invitation, please click here:  BuildExpect Invite

For the press release, please click here.