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Center for Cartoon Studies!

This week is Center for Cartoon Studies Awareness Week! Which means… that I’m telling all of you to be aware of CCS! No, it isn’t a disease; CCS is a terrific place to find an awesome community of creative cartoonists and pursue an MFA while studying with some of the best professionals in the business. I’ve grown enormously as an artist because of this experience, and I know that the relationships I have with my classmates and peers will be with me for the life of my career. I can hardly believe how many talented and committed artists, cartoonists, editors, illustrators, and agents I’ve met because of this program!

If you are at all considering cartooning or publishing as a career option, and think that an MFA program would be a good fit for you, I strongly encourage you to look at the school and come up for a visit. For more information, please go to their website here! They are still accepting applications for Fall 2012.

FALL: A Caterpillar Tale Page 1

Finally! New art! After wrapping up the Class of 1953 Commons mural at Dartmouth College (more pictures to be posted soon) and easing into the new year, I am back at my desk happily working away at illustration and comic projects once again. To start off the year I thought I’d share a four-page Caterpillar story that ran in the Drawn & Paneled section of Vermont’s Seven Days Magazine in October/November. Keep checking back over the next few days to see the rest of the tale. I will launch into posting 2011 work and sketches soon thereafter. Happy Wednesday everyone!