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Sorry folks, no real blog post this week: Tim and I are officially moving to NYC! Yes, yes, we’ve been here for a while, but we finally found a place of our own on the upper east side. Whoot! Today I’m rather frantic trying to find and pack boxes, including not a few wine boxes from liquor stores, so we’re sure to look like alcoholics to our new neighbors. I’m also noticing that some boxes seem to follow us from move to move: our former printer’s box, for example, has lived with us in four states, and once upon a time twelve years ago my now-thumb-tack-box housed a wristwatch. That dingy little tin has literally seen every step of my career since life drawing day one of freshman year at RISD!

So far, the most eclectic box of stuff packed contains: 2 candles, a Christmas tree holder, a hair dryer with diffuser, an umbrella, a metal wire basket, hand sanitizer, spray fixative, gorilla glue, a vinyl repair kit, and a set of wind-up penguin salt and pepper shakers. Make of that what you will!

MoCCA, Industry Day, and the Thesis Countdown!

Whoot! What a weekend! After carpooling down to NY with a SEQUENCE of cartoonists (thank you Miss Laura Terry) including James Sturm, Melissa Mendes, Chuck Forsman, Tim and I spent time with cartoonist friends in Brooklyn and paid a visit to Jules Feiffer before tackling the 2-day MoCCA Fest extravaganza on Saturday and Sunday. The Center for Cartoon Studies ROCKED the back wall, selling lots of comics and giving away nearly 1,000 copies of our Caboose Anthology which includes my brand new Caterpillar story. Caterpillar Tales sold well, I met a lot of really wonderful new people, and had several inspiring conversations with favorite editors and teachers. What a great show! I will be back next year for sure.

Alongside auteur works at our table was Stephen R. Bissette’s Tales of the UnCanny: N-Man and Friends! Originally created in 1993 for the comic book series 1963 (Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, Rich Veitch, Jim Valentino, Dave Gibbons, John Totleben, Chester Brown and others), these characters have been inactive for over a decade until Steve Bissette decided to bring them back to life through the Center for Cartoon Studies. Steve and co-editor Tim Stout produced a 16-page preview of the book’s grand debut in the fall of this year. For my help with the packaging and design Steve decided to put my work on the back cover. Hurray! Can’t wait to see the full 200 page version of the book!

After one day of rest and recovery from MoCCA, CCS was busy again with Industry Day, where editors from major publishers across the country visit our school to hold a panel discussion and portfolio reviews with students. This year our panel was graced with the talents of David Saylor (Scholastic Graphix), Chris Oliveros (D+Q), Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics), Colleen AF (First Second) and Douglas Wolk (freelance journalist and critic). Doulgas Wolk did a fantastic job moderating the discussion in the morning, and I found the advice, direction, and feedback I received during my review with him and with David Saylor to be very encouraging. Thank you ALL for making time to see us. I very much enjoyed our conversation.

16 days until I need to print my thesis! If only this year was just a little bit longer. My work needs just a little more time to incubate, and though I am moving forward I am still very deep in the search. The skeleton is taking shape, the plans are in view, but now the time has come to build on everything I have taken in. I am very excited about the direction this is all heading.


Who’s going to MoCCA?!

Things are in high gear here in White River Junction. The artists are drawing, the scanners are scanning, the printers are printing, and no one has slept in days. Not only is Industry Day next week, with the end of the year rapidly closing in, but the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is holding their annual Comic Festival in New York this coming weekend! This year will be my FIRST as an exhibitor, and I will be tabling in the CCS row at G5, alongside the talents of Tim Stout, Laura Terry, Matt Aucoin, Holly Foltz, and Garry-Paul Bonesteel. I will be selling lots of Caterpillar Tales, my sketchbook from Egypt, new work, a poster, and a TOP SECRET PROJECT WITH STEVE BISSETTE! Don’t miss it! AND don’t forget to check out Caboose! a Center for Cartoon Studies anthology that will be distributed for free (FREEE!!!) all weekend at the show. Above is the cover of Caboose, drawn and colored by alumni Chuck Forsman and this year’s CCS fellow Max de Radiques.

Here’s a preview of MY WORK in Caboose, my latest installment of Caterpillar’s adventures:

The Big City

We’re back after a delicious whirlwind trip to New York City! I hope all of the SPXer’s had a great time; I’m sorry to have missed it.

It was a great honor to meet David Small and his wife Sarah Stewart on Tuesday night after David’s presentation on Stitches with his host Jules Feiffer. The book is his first graphic novel after a long career as a children’s book illustrator, and it looks to be a wildly successful addition to the canon of the genre. It is deeply powerful in its silence and masterfully drawn. I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on walking the line between absolute fidelity to Truth and telling a cohesive story. David’s and Sarah’s combined energy and shared passion as a powerhouse creative couple is very encouraging. Good luck on your tour!

"Cut the adjectives-- they tell you what to think."
"Cut the adjectives-- they tell you what to think."