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Somerville Up-Close

Last Saturday I volunteered for Somerville Up-Close, a community arts project for youth conceived of and directed by my friend Sara Argue (she strikes again!). The premise of the project she envisioned was simple: create a collaborative art project for kids who are interested in growing up to be artists, and get real artists to volunteer to help the project come to life! Sounds pretty cool, but the final product was incredible: a mosaic map of the town of Somerville made entirely by 5th and 6th graders in four short afternoons. Look at the line! the color! the energy!

I feel so excited when I look at this piece; there’s a freedom and intensity that’s so rare in work by grown-ups. And the scale of it, the hugeness of it, makes me want to do bigger work. The time has come to stretch my wings, and I give myself permission to jump!

Dartmouth Mural in the Class of 1953 Commons!

Welcome to a brave new year! It’s a little late and it’s been a little while, but I feel great about the way the year has kicked off and there are promising horizons ahead. I’m reading some great books: Carolyn See’s Making a Literary Life (a MUST read for all of you creative types) and No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics (responsible for turning my bathroom into a salad bar), along with the incredible picture book blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I’ve also been doing a great deal of drawing and design, and this week, of all things, I am painting a temporary mural at Dartmouth College in the Class of 1953 Commons (Thayer Dining Hall) with the talented Laura Terry (CCS ’10), Jen Vaughn (CCS ’10), Jon Fine (CCS ’11), and several Dartmouth art students. Here’s a link to some photos at Jen’s flickr account.

We have less than 30 hours of working time this week to grid, draw, paint, and finish nearly 80 feet of wall! It’s going very well and has been exciting to watch as our cartoons become life-sized drawings. If you’re in the area please stop in to say hello and take a peek at the mural; it will be up for 3-6 months as the kitchen renovation is completed. More from me soon. Happy new year!