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“A Dartmouth Year” at the Collis Center

After many rounds of ideas for the Collis Center Cafe space, my co-designer, Laura Terry, and I were inspired by the Dartmouth College Winter Carnival poster design. We loved the flat, linear design and the bold color. The execution turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated, but we’re very pleased with the final results. Here are my final digital color designs, followed by photos featuring Laura’s designs and a panorama of the space:

Each of the large masonite panels is 3’x4′, and the two medium ones are 2’x3′. LauraJen, and I finished painting in May, and the show went up late last month. They came out beautifully! Click on the panorama below to see the Cafe, or feel free to stop in and check them out!

Mural Madness at the Collis Center!

For a second time this year, Laura Terry, Jen Vaughn, and I have combined our talents for another mural adventure! It’s finally up and on display for one year in the Collis Center Cafe at Dartmouth College. Here are my early composition sketches for my part of of the design. Our theme was A Dartmouth Year, scenes of life around campus:

MoCCA 2011 & QUATRO MONSTRO, our awesome new $1.00 Anthology!

Hello fellow comic lovers! The time has come for the fantastic MoCCA Fest, and this year I am teaming up once again with my amazing and talented table mates Colleen Frakes, Jon Chad, and Laura Terry! Talent will be oozing all over the floor from the back row of the festival this year, because that’s where the majority of my classmates and colleagues from The Center for Cartoon Studies will be camped out to sell comics all weekend long (again!!).

Colleen, Jon, Laura and I are delighted to announce our new $1.00 (only $1.00!!!) table anthology, Quatro Monstro, featuring gorgeous screen printed cover art by Jon Chad. A huge thanks to Tom Spurgeon for mentioning us on The Comics Reporter; we’re bringing 170 copies to the show and plan to sell every last one!

As for myself, I’m proud to be bringing two other minis new to MoCCA this year, in addition to the titles sold at last year’s show. Hieroglyph is a short story on based on my travels in Egypt, and Junior Pharaoh and Other Caterpillar Tales is the 3rd Volume in the Caterpillar series! Both will be on sale for $4.00, along with Spots: A Caterpillar Tale, The Perfect Snowman and Other Caterpillar Tales, and my Egypt Sketchbook. Can hardly wait for the show– see you there!


Dartmouth Mural in the Class of 1953 Commons!

Welcome to a brave new year! It’s a little late and it’s been a little while, but I feel great about the way the year has kicked off and there are promising horizons ahead. I’m reading some great books: Carolyn See’s Making a Literary Life (a MUST read for all of you creative types) and No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics (responsible for turning my bathroom into a salad bar), along with the incredible picture book blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I’ve also been doing a great deal of drawing and design, and this week, of all things, I am painting a temporary mural at Dartmouth College in the Class of 1953 Commons (Thayer Dining Hall) with the talented Laura Terry (CCS ’10), Jen Vaughn (CCS ’10), Jon Fine (CCS ’11), and several Dartmouth art students. Here’s a link to some photos at Jen’s flickr account.

We have less than 30 hours of working time this week to grid, draw, paint, and finish nearly 80 feet of wall! It’s going very well and has been exciting to watch as our cartoons become life-sized drawings. If you’re in the area please stop in to say hello and take a peek at the mural; it will be up for 3-6 months as the kitchen renovation is completed. More from me soon. Happy new year!

SPX Revisited!

Hello friends!

SPX was a success! A full weekend of DC sights, comic sales and friends from all over the country. Jon Chad, C. Frakes, Laura Terry and I shared a table and sold mini comics to new and returning fans, and I had the chance to finally meet other creators whose work I’ve loved for a long while. Thank you all for your support!

Thank you to those of you who came by SPX and bought our table anthology (nearly 100 sold! Whoot!). Daily Catch was a delight to work on and put together for this show, and we look forward to doing another one for MoCCA! Stay tuned this week for my 4-page comic; Eocene will be posted shortly.