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Building Expectations! Final Roughs

The expectations build for Building Expectations! Here are the final steps in my process before arriving at the finish:

After many rounds of making drawings and a few key conversations with the curator of Building Expectations, Nathaniel Walker, I honed in on a train-shaped temple design I liked. And then, of course, it was death by tiny buildings!

Final Temple Design for Industria

I had hundreds and hundreds of tiny buildings to draw in 3-point perspective to “build” the city of Industria. Colored pencils on tracing paper helped me keep different sections in order as I began to construct a composition that would work as both the cover of the exhibition catalogue and the centerpiece of the show. The temple and a strong foreground was important for the right-hand side, which would end up being the front cover of the catalogue:

Early Compositional Layout for Industria

But the back cover needed strong visual weight too, to balance the city detail. Perhaps a very large building, and a moving road with robots? The entire piece also had to contain a significant number of key architectural details from the book, such as French gardens, smoke stacks, glass/iron and “lacy stone” buildings, a “moving road,” and robot slaves. And, of course! a happy couple on a flying machine. And a cat, just because:

Composition Draft in Colored Pencil

And here’s a look at the final rough draft for the drawing, a combination of drawing and gray digital tone:

Building Expectations will open this Friday, September 9th, at the Bell Gallery at Brown University. The final drawing, View of Industria, was executed in graphite at 36″ x 48″ and digitally colored for the giclee print. More views coming next week!