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Cartoon College: The New Trailer!

The new trailer for the film Cartoon College is out, and I am in it (however briefly) along with an instantaneous shot of my work! I’ll be making a slightly longer appearance in the full version of the film, along with pretty much everyone else who went to The Center for Cartoon Studies between 2009 and 2010. Check out the website for more details on the debut date this year. Yay!

Films & Color

Sorry I’ve been so delinquent about my blog in the last couple of weeks– it is crunch time at CCS, and there is much to be done yet on my thesis! I still need to design a cover and may attempt to submit a short piece to an anthology this week, but I’m finally in the homestretch for coloring my 19 page chapter and should be done by Friday. Thank goodness! It’s taking quite a while, but our movies are keeping me company. Tim and I own over 150 films, but every time one ends I wander over to our shelves and stare for several minutes, unable to comprehend how I can be looking at so many titles and still feel like we don’t have anything to watch. There’s only so many rounds of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy that I can take, as much as I love it!

Here’s a visual of the hours logged this week!