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Cartoon College: The New Trailer!

The new trailer for the film Cartoon College is out, and I am in it (however briefly) along with an instantaneous shot of my work! I’ll be making a slightly longer appearance in the full version of the film, along with pretty much everyone else who went to The Center for Cartoon Studies between 2009 and 2010. Check out the website for more details on the debut date this year. Yay!

MoCCA 2011 & QUATRO MONSTRO, our awesome new $1.00 Anthology!

Hello fellow comic lovers! The time has come for the fantastic MoCCA Fest, and this year I am teaming up once again with my amazing and talented table mates Colleen Frakes, Jon Chad, and Laura Terry! Talent will be oozing all over the floor from the back row of the festival this year, because that’s where the majority of my classmates and colleagues from The Center for Cartoon Studies will be camped out to sell comics all weekend long (again!!).

Colleen, Jon, Laura and I are delighted to announce our new $1.00 (only $1.00!!!) table anthology, Quatro Monstro, featuring gorgeous screen printed cover art by Jon Chad. A huge thanks to Tom Spurgeon for mentioning us on The Comics Reporter; we’re bringing 170 copies to the show and plan to sell every last one!

As for myself, I’m proud to be bringing two other minis new to MoCCA this year, in addition to the titles sold at last year’s show. Hieroglyph is a short story on based on my travels in Egypt, and Junior Pharaoh and Other Caterpillar Tales is the 3rd Volume in the Caterpillar series! Both will be on sale for $4.00, along with Spots: A Caterpillar Tale, The Perfect Snowman and Other Caterpillar Tales, and my Egypt Sketchbook. Can hardly wait for the show– see you there!


FALL: A Caterpillar Tale Page 1

Finally! New art! After wrapping up the Class of 1953 Commons mural at Dartmouth College (more pictures to be posted soon) and easing into the new year, I am back at my desk happily working away at illustration and comic projects once again. To start off the year I thought I’d share a four-page Caterpillar story that ran in the Drawn & Paneled section of Vermont’s Seven Days Magazine in October/November. Keep checking back over the next few days to see the rest of the tale. I will launch into posting 2011 work and sketches soon thereafter. Happy Wednesday everyone!