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Sketches and drawings.

Tucker Box Color Study

I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately. Every time the sun comes out and shines down on our little corner of New England, the snow melts just enough to slip into the street and reflect bright blue patches of sky among streaks of white salt on black asphalt. The warm yellows and cheery reds of brick buildings throw themselves at every window pane, and all of a sudden Main Street is alive and vibrant in spite of the season. I would rip off my coat and boots and dive into the color if only it weren’t so damn cold.

Last week Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks visited the Center for Cartoon Studies and gave a wonderful presentation of their work and current projects, and between their pages of comics and Alec Longstreth’s recent crash course in color theory, I am inspired to get back into figuring out what it is to use color well. This week while sitting in our local coffee shop I couldn’t help but notice a conversation in front of me, and, in my best SNEAK-ATTACK drawing style, Wacom tablet and computer already in front of me, I tried out a little color study:

And then right before I left I did another quick one, trying different colors:

And now I’m completely addicted. Expect to see more of these over the coming weeks.

Back from Egypt!

Back from Egypt! To a small beautiful town in Vermont full of hills and friendly faces, patches of mud and twenty degree weather, where my thesis awaited me with open arms and lots of questions.

Here is just a small sampling of sketches from Egypt. I had grandiose dreams of keeping a comic chronicle of all events and happenings, but when traveling with 45 other people and seeing several sights per day, it just doesn’t happen. Other plans are in the works– I’ll write more about that soon!

Figure Drawings

Back in Vermont! After a great holiday at home and a good start to the new year, I am back at home in the New England cold, swinging away at my thesis project to make some significant progress. Expect to see a lot of drawings and comics over the new few weeks from my sketchbook and desktop. Here are a few more figure drawings from Kriota’s workshop:

Structure of the figure while standing and at rest:

Structure of the figure

Figure sitting.

Various added deformities to our two models (Cave-Man & Scoliosis):

Postural deformity (Cave Man & Scoliosis)

And of Kriota (such a wonderful model herself!) as she drew ON the models:

Kriota drawing on the model.

Kriota drawing on the model.

The Purple Gorilla

Through a set of serendipitous circumstances I find myself committed to the terrific and terrifying prospect of spending sixteen days traveling abroad through Egypt in winter of 2010. I have no idea what to expect, but plan to keep a sketchbook and comic diary for the duration of the trip entitled The Purple Gorilla and Other Caterpillar Tales* that I may publish portions of upon my return. This collection of drawings and comics will comprise Volume Three in my ongoing series starring the Caterpillar (see my About Page for further explanation) and may inspire me to pursue other derivative works too.

I have traveled in 14 countries, but this will be my first trip to Africa, my first time in an Arabic speaking country (so there’s no hope of deciphering signage and conversation), and my first chance to turn down a camel ride. I’m just beginning my research on what we have in store for us, but already sense some strong story leads and adventure possibilities for my comics. Expect to see a lot more of Egypt in the upcoming months!!

Purple Gorilla Drawing

*Note: In the early 1950’s, publishers accidentally discovered that sales went up when comic covers featured a purple gorilla, even if the interior content had nothing whatsoever to do with gorillas of any kind, purple or otherwise. No one knew why this worked, but it did. I have braced myself for the possibility that inspiration found in Egypt will completely thwart all current thesis plans and establish a whole new project direction, but whatever I may work on as a thesis, a cover with a purple gorilla will guarantee interest. If not, I will blame Steve Bissette for telling me about the marketing power of said species.

Dream logic

This week I’ve been exploring the dream sequence in my graphic novel, trying out images and ideas that have been floating around in my head for some time. I’m sure very little of it will last to the final version, as I’ve jumped far ahead into my story to riff on scenes that have yet to be written, but I needed to shake things up a bit. It’s been lots of fun, even if I don’t keep my version of Cerberus in the story (the multi-headed hound that guards the gates to Hades in Greek and Roman mythology). Huzzah!

Dream Cerberus