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An Ode to March in Vermont

It finally feels like March in Vermont, with the rain coloring the world rather gray and preparing the snow for mud season. Last week I had a terrific time puttering around our little town and sketching in honor of David Ezra Stein, this year’s Caldecott Honor Medal winner for Interrupting Chicken. Stein responded to a fan letter I sent with a delightful and very encouraging card in which he wondered what it is like to live in a small town. If only documentation-by-sketchbook were a more sought after skill!

Thank you again, David, for your wonderful card– it made my week!


Figure Drawing!

Figure drawing, how I’ve missed you! Monday was the first of this semester’s life drawing sessions at The Center for Cartoon Studies, and this week’s models–Lin & Bill, a married couple– were fantastic as usual. They frequently pose together for art classes in the Upper Valley, and their rapport is a delight to draw. It is rare to have two models posing together in the first place, let alone interact, so a hearty THANK YOU goes out to them both. It’s been ages since I’ve done this, so it was a great way to warm up as I launch into projects that require drawing lots and lots of figures. I hope to have some samples up of my illustration process soon. Stay warm out there!

Europe 2005

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on books, book making, and life in Medieval Europe, so I dug out some old sketchbooks and drawings from my travels to reacquaint myself with what architecture looked like in the Middle Ages. I had forgotten how much I loved to draw buildings! Churches, houses, bridges, towers, pastures of sheep… I thought I’d share a few of them here to give a sense of the places I’ve sat and drawn. All of these were done in ink, pencil, and watercolor with limited use of gouache. The first is from a village on the outskirts of Amsterdam (not Medieval, but the sheep could be, right?) and the second and third are from Ghent and Bruges, respectively. More to come soon!

Sooooo hot!!

Sorry for the delay in posts this week, folks! Our apartment is too warm to use my computer, so I’ve been delinquent this week about checking email and updating my site. I’m busy working away on an independent picture book project, along with my graphic novel and another Caterpillar Tale in the concept stages. White River Junction is lazy in the summer heat, but as beautiful as ever. I hope to get to go swimming sometime this weekend. More soon!