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SPX Revisited!

Hello friends!

SPX was a success! A full weekend of DC sights, comic sales and friends from all over the country. Jon Chad, C. Frakes, Laura Terry and I shared a table and sold mini comics to new and returning fans, and I had the chance to finally meet other creators whose work I’ve loved for a long while. Thank you all for your support!

Thank you to those of you who came by SPX and bought our table anthology (nearly 100 sold! Whoot!). Daily Catch was a delight to work on and put together for this show, and we look forward to doing another one for MoCCA! Stay tuned this week for my 4-page comic; Eocene will be posted shortly.

Crazy (good) week!

What a week! Full days spent working on Hieroglyph chapter one, punctuated by freelance work and taxes (yes, we’re still trying to get things squared away with our renter’s rebate– may it be over soon…), and Tim was away in NYC meeting editors and doing informational interviews. Everything is going well, but we find ourselves very busy. Today it’s time to catch up and get a little work done, and clean up our much neglected living room.

Some week highlights:

On Thursday I had the privilege to be the in-house documentary cartoonist for the Vermont Arts Council Annual Meeting at the State House in Montpelier, VT.  I drew everyone I could, as fast as I could, and then my drawings were displayed during the reception. I had so much fun!

And yesterday, Saturday, Tim and I drove down to the Eric Carle Museum to visit the “Celebrating Dogs in Picture Books” event, attend Jules Feiffer’s talk, and meet Norton Juster, author of The Phantom Tollbooth and long time friend of Jules’. I was SO excited to meet Norton and take a photo with the two of them. Their book has meant so much to me both as a kid and as an adult, and was a strong inspiration for my interest in picture books and cartooning to begin with. Their only other book together, The Odious Ogre, comes out this Fall. From my sneak preview the book looks just beautiful. I’ll be first in line!

My Graduate Thesis is done!

May 3rd, the big day, and everything is done! I feel relieved, satisfied, and ready to get back to my project (instead of just packaging what I’ve done thus far!) Here’s a glimpse of “Katherine’s Playground,” 140-pages fully drawn, designed, hand-sewn, silk-screened (the spine titles), and hand-bound by me. Phew! More cartooning work will be up by next week.

Fantagraphics Books posts on CCS work!

Check out the Center for Cartoon write-up on the Fantagraphics Books blog by editor Eric Reynolds! Thanks for visiting the school Eric! So happy that like my work!

“…I’ve been to a few other schools that offer curriculums in cartooning, and hands-down, the quality of work coming out of CCS was the best I’ve ever seen. Very little work derivative of the dominant genres in comics — namely, manga and superheroes — and instead a focus on personal expression and style with little regard for learning what it takes to be a “commercial” artist. We all did portfolio reviews one afternoon and I was frankly dreading it a bit but found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I saw a *lot* of good student work, but there were several who stood out, including but not limited to Kenny Widjaja, Katherine RoyMark BilokurCasey BohnJose-Luis Olivares and Nick Patten…” – Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphic Books Blog

MoCCA, Industry Day, and the Thesis Countdown!

Whoot! What a weekend! After carpooling down to NY with a SEQUENCE of cartoonists (thank you Miss Laura Terry) including James Sturm, Melissa Mendes, Chuck Forsman, Tim and I spent time with cartoonist friends in Brooklyn and paid a visit to Jules Feiffer before tackling the 2-day MoCCA Fest extravaganza on Saturday and Sunday. The Center for Cartoon Studies ROCKED the back wall, selling lots of comics and giving away nearly 1,000 copies of our Caboose Anthology which includes my brand new Caterpillar story. Caterpillar Tales sold well, I met a lot of really wonderful new people, and had several inspiring conversations with favorite editors and teachers. What a great show! I will be back next year for sure.

Alongside auteur works at our table was Stephen R. Bissette’s Tales of the UnCanny: N-Man and Friends! Originally created in 1993 for the comic book series 1963 (Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, Rich Veitch, Jim Valentino, Dave Gibbons, John Totleben, Chester Brown and others), these characters have been inactive for over a decade until Steve Bissette decided to bring them back to life through the Center for Cartoon Studies. Steve and co-editor Tim Stout produced a 16-page preview of the book’s grand debut in the fall of this year. For my help with the packaging and design Steve decided to put my work on the back cover. Hurray! Can’t wait to see the full 200 page version of the book!

After one day of rest and recovery from MoCCA, CCS was busy again with Industry Day, where editors from major publishers across the country visit our school to hold a panel discussion and portfolio reviews with students. This year our panel was graced with the talents of David Saylor (Scholastic Graphix), Chris Oliveros (D+Q), Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics), Colleen AF (First Second) and Douglas Wolk (freelance journalist and critic). Doulgas Wolk did a fantastic job moderating the discussion in the morning, and I found the advice, direction, and feedback I received during my review with him and with David Saylor to be very encouraging. Thank you ALL for making time to see us. I very much enjoyed our conversation.

16 days until I need to print my thesis! If only this year was just a little bit longer. My work needs just a little more time to incubate, and though I am moving forward I am still very deep in the search. The skeleton is taking shape, the plans are in view, but now the time has come to build on everything I have taken in. I am very excited about the direction this is all heading.

A review from Spike Jonze’s “We Love You So”!

We Love You So is a website established by Spike Jonze and the creative team of the film Where the Wild Things Are to “help shed some light on many of the small influences that converged to make this massive project a reality,” and my Caterpillar Tales were just featured on it yesterday!!

“The only thing better than enthusiasm is enthusaiasm + talent. Katherine Roy is an exemplar of both— a cartooning machine whose Caterpillar Tales celebrates the adventures and struggles of its namesake hero. Roy is a natural storyteller (she released her first childrens’, A Kid’s Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail last year) and a zippy cartoonist. She also maintains a nice little blog cataloging her art experiments and assorted daily thoughts. Just delightful.”

Thank you to Molly for the wonderful review and the nod to my work! I am just thrilled.

More to be posted soon!

Tucker Box Color Study

I’ve been thinking a lot about color lately. Every time the sun comes out and shines down on our little corner of New England, the snow melts just enough to slip into the street and reflect bright blue patches of sky among streaks of white salt on black asphalt. The warm yellows and cheery reds of brick buildings throw themselves at every window pane, and all of a sudden Main Street is alive and vibrant in spite of the season. I would rip off my coat and boots and dive into the color if only it weren’t so damn cold.

Last week Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks visited the Center for Cartoon Studies and gave a wonderful presentation of their work and current projects, and between their pages of comics and Alec Longstreth’s recent crash course in color theory, I am inspired to get back into figuring out what it is to use color well. This week while sitting in our local coffee shop I couldn’t help but notice a conversation in front of me, and, in my best SNEAK-ATTACK drawing style, Wacom tablet and computer already in front of me, I tried out a little color study:

And then right before I left I did another quick one, trying different colors:

And now I’m completely addicted. Expect to see more of these over the coming weeks.