Katherine Roy is an author, illustrator, and cartoonist. She recently graduated with an MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies after earning a BFA in Illustration and English from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her drawings have appeared in Slate, Seven Days, and several educational books for children, in addition to her ongoing series, Caterpillar Tales. Katherine is currently working on THE EXPEDITIONERS by author S. S. Taylor (McSweeney’s McMullens 2012), BURIED BENEATH US by author Anthony Aveni (Macmillan 2013), and her first solo book project NEIGHBORHOOD SHARKS: HUNTING WITH THE GREAT WHITES OF CALIFORNIA’S FARALLON ISLANDS (Macmillan 2014).

Katherine loves to travel and teach, and is endlessly fascinated by nature, history and the ocean. Her stories often explore the beautiful, the magical, and the relationship between characters big and small. She has lived in two countries, six states, aboard a 138-ft. schooner, and currently lives with her husband in New York City.

So, what is the Caterpillar, anyway? Caterpillar is a little round character with two antennae and a lot of personality who is full of curiosity and has lots of adventures. Born on Katherine’s drawing table while she lived in Rome from 2003-2004 during a bout of artistic frustration, the caterpillar is ever-evolving but remains one of her favorites to draw. Caterpillar Tales is an ongoing series started in the spring of 2008.

All content, including CHARACTERS, STORY, and ART © 2015 Katherine Roy

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Adventures in Art & Story by Katherine Roy