Illustration & Design

Illustrations from 2004-present.

Character Design (2008-2009)

Character design and models sheets for illustration and comic work. More pages to be posted soon!


Never Brush (2009)

A picture book dummy completed in February 2009 as part of my course work at the Center for Cartoon Studies. If you are a interested in viewing the complete work please contact me at

Watercolor, pen and ink.


A Kid’s Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail (2008)

Pages from my first publishing endeavor with the Freedom Trail Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts. I researched, wrote, illustrated, designed, packaged, and oversaw the printing for the entire project. A Kid’s Guide is an activity guidebook for historic Boston along the famous 2.5 mile red line that connects 16 nationally significant historic sites, including the Boston Massacre and the Old North Church. The book is available for purchase at the Visitor Center on Tremont Street and in museum shops throughout the city.

Pen and ink.


La Mia Camminata Favorita (My Favorite Walk) (2004)

25′ x 1′ continuous drawing. A walk from the Palazzo Cenci in the Jewish Ghetto to the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy.

Watercolor, pencil, pen and ink.

Please note: This drawing has been split into four sections for internet viewing. Click on each thumbnail below to see the drawing in full.


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