Who’s going to MoCCA?!

Things are in high gear here in White River Junction. The artists are drawing, the scanners are scanning, the printers are printing, and no one has slept in days. Not only is Industry Day next week, with the end of the year rapidly closing in, but the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is holding their annual Comic Festival in New York this coming weekend! This year will be my FIRST as an exhibitor, and I will be tabling in the CCS row at G5, alongside the talents of Tim Stout, Laura Terry, Matt Aucoin, Holly Foltz, and Garry-Paul Bonesteel. I will be selling lots of Caterpillar Tales, my sketchbook from Egypt, new work, a poster, and a TOP SECRET PROJECT WITH STEVE BISSETTE! Don’t miss it! AND don’t forget to check out Caboose! a Center for Cartoon Studies anthology that will be distributed for free (FREEE!!!) all weekend at the show. Above is the cover of Caboose, drawn and colored by alumni Chuck Forsman and this year’s CCS fellow Max de Radiques.

Here’s a preview of MY WORK in Caboose, my latest installment of Caterpillar’s adventures:

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