Figure Drawings

Back in Vermont! After a great holiday at home and a good start to the new year, I am back at home in the New England cold, swinging away at my thesis project to make some significant progress. Expect to see a lot of drawings and comics over the new few weeks from my sketchbook and desktop. Here are a few more figure drawings from Kriota’s workshop:

Structure of the figure while standing and at rest:

Structure of the figure

Figure sitting.

Various added deformities to our two models (Cave-Man & Scoliosis):

Postural deformity (Cave Man & Scoliosis)

And of Kriota (such a wonderful model herself!) as she drew ON the models:

Kriota drawing on the model.

Kriota drawing on the model.

2 thoughts on “Figure Drawings”

  1. Hey Katherine! I love seeing these (some again, and some for the first time.) Excellent homework in the December 20 post. You’ve organized that fat and connective tissue well! In the sketches of me, you really captured the “personality” of my iliac crests, hip, and thighs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Kriota! I loved your class and continue to rediscover the information in my people watching and the way I draw (but always use my power for good and not evil (mostly!)). I hope to see you again soon!

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