Sorry folks, no real blog post this week: Tim and I are officially moving to NYC! Yes, yes, we’ve been here for a while, but we finally found a place of our own on the upper east side. Whoot! Today I’m rather frantic trying to find and pack boxes, including not a few wine boxes from liquor stores, so we’re sure to look like alcoholics to our new neighbors. I’m also noticing that some boxes seem to follow us from move to move: our former printer’s box, for example, has lived with us in four states, and once upon a time twelve years ago my now-thumb-tack-box housed a wristwatch. That dingy little tin has literally seen every step of my career since life drawing day one of freshman year at RISD!

So far, the most eclectic box of stuff packed contains: 2 candles, a Christmas tree holder, a hair dryer with diffuser, an umbrella, a metal wire basket, hand sanitizer, spray fixative, gorilla glue, a vinyl repair kit, and a set of wind-up penguin salt and pepper shakers. Make of that what you will!

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