Mesoamerican Research!

This week I’ve been stalking the shelves of the New York Public Library for visual resources to start on roughs for BURIED BENEATH US. Yay! So far the most useful finds have been the Discovery School Social Studies DVDs, which are sort of a mediocre version of something you might see on the History Channel. The stiff acting, repeated footage, and discussion questions are bringing me back to 7th grade, but aside from some inner groaning they’ve been ever so helpful in giving me context for the four cultures the book will cover (Cahokia, Aztec, Maya, & Inca). This week I’ve also been scouting neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens for our new apartment. Feel free to send good apartment vibes and leads our way for a June 1st move!

2 thoughts on “Mesoamerican Research!”

  1. Wow! You’ve got three books in the works now?! Wonderful! How do you organize your time when you have multiple major projects at the same time? Me, I tend to panic and not take the time to plan out the work and try not to flounder overmuch. Oh, and “National Geographic” can be a good source of visuals, including peoples and landscapes and architecture, for New World archaeology. I’m *really* excited for you over that book, especially. Have you happened upon the art of Tatiana Proskouriakoff in your Maya research?

  2. Hi Al! Yay! Thank you so much for the encouragement and suggested resources! No, I haven’t looked up Tatiana’s work yet. Thank you for the lead! Will do. As for organizing my time, I’m trying to take one thing at a time. It really helps me to get something up on my studio wall as an initial draft, however poor, so that I can come back to it to critically edit once the most pressing deadline is passed. EXPEDITIONERS comes first, followed by CITIES (I had a hunch you’d be excited!), but it’s important that I put in time on both so that I have the maximum amount of time to come back to both with fresh eyes. A full draft of SHARK is done, so that won’t get revisited until much later in the summer. Hope you’re enjoying the weather!

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