“A Dartmouth Year” at the Collis Center

After many rounds of ideas for the Collis Center Cafe space, my co-designer, Laura Terry, and I were inspired by the Dartmouth College Winter Carnival poster design. We loved the flat, linear design and the bold color. The execution turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated, but we’re very pleased with the final results. Here are my final digital color designs, followed by photos featuring Laura’s designs and a panorama of the space:

Each of the large masonite panels is 3’x4′, and the two medium ones are 2’x3′. LauraJen, and I finished painting in May, and the show went up late last month. They came out beautifully! Click on the panorama below to see the Cafe, or feel free to stop in and check them out!

3 thoughts on ““A Dartmouth Year” at the Collis Center”

  1. Amazink! I could not get the panorama to load but the thumbnails give a sense of the light and space for the work. Question: you say “panels.” Was the work done off-site on the panels which were then affixed to the walls, or were the panels in place on the walls before you began work? I suspect the former.

    More questions: what is your process when working that big? Use a projector to scale up a smaller drawing or do you grid off the ground? And what kind of paint do you use? I’m guessing acrylics.

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