On Margie King Barab

This weekend Jules Feiffer hosted his long-time friend Margie King Barab as his guest at the Montgomery House at Dartmouth College. Margie is the widow of Alexander King, author, memoirist, famous media personality of early television and editor of Americana Magazine, a Depression era humor publication. Margie visited Jules’ class “Graphic Humor in 20th Century America” and told the story of her move to New York City from Nebraska, and how she met and fell in love with Alex King, her super (and 33 years her senior), and of their marriage and his rise to fame. On Sunday night we watched the first of 13 episodes of Alex’s show called “Alex in Wonderland,” in which he reflects on art, literature, humor, Africa, and love, among many other things. A young Margie King is seated next to her host and husband, offering prompts, laughter, encouragement, and an occasional song. Margie still sings around the house at 77 years old.

One thought on “On Margie King Barab”

  1. Oh, my goodness! For years I have been a fan of Alex King’s, having read his kooky memoirs back in the 70’s when I was a newly minted adult. I’ve often felt like I was the only one who remembered or cared to recall this curious character. I have often wondered what ever become of Margie, his bright partner and – by Alex’s account – rescuer from addiction, and his best friend to the end. I’m so glad she is still singing and charming. I had no idea “Alex in Wonderland” was preserved in any form. Now how in the world can a nice fellow in Kansas get to see those episodes, I wonder? Or talk to Margie?

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