Europe 2005

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on books, book making, and life in Medieval Europe, so I dug out some old sketchbooks and drawings from my travels to reacquaint myself with what architecture looked like in the Middle Ages. I had forgotten how much I loved to draw buildings! Churches, houses, bridges, towers, pastures of sheep… I thought I’d share a few of them here to give a sense of the places I’ve sat and drawn. All of these were done in ink, pencil, and watercolor with limited use of gouache. The first is from a village on the outskirts of Amsterdam (not Medieval, but the sheep could be, right?) and the second and third are from Ghent and Bruges, respectively. More to come soon!

3 thoughts on “Europe 2005”

  1. Thanks Ben! I love sketching. I need to start doing it again in White River Junction. I tried to start a Plein Air Polar Bear club two winters ago… but no one wanted to join me. :( I can’t imagine why!

  2. Are you serious? I totally would have joined you …once. Then I would have gotten cold like a little sissy and nagged at you until you capitulated and we all went to get hot chocolate.

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