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The Expeditioners is here!

The spring and summer have flown by and the fall’s nearly over. Which means that it’s time for…

McSweeney’s Season!

S. S. Taylor and I are proud to announce that The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon is hitting stores this week! This is my first time illustrating a novel and I am OH-SO-EXCITED about this fantastic book. What a wonderful team to work with, and I can’t thank Sarah Stewart Taylor enough for bringing me on board!

To get your copy you can order The Expeditioners from McSweeney’s McMullens, from Indiebound, from Amazon, from Barnes and Noble, or from your favorite local bookstore. For more information about signings and appearances coming up in Vermont and New York, please check out my brand new Facebook Page for events or head over to S. S. Taylor’s blog at

I have one more announcement to make: after much consideration the time has come for me to transition away from Caterpillar Publishing and continue my blog at the domain . The content here will stay up for now, but all news about my work and coming book projects will be posted over at my gorgeous new site. Please follow me there, join my email list, and add me to your RSS feed as I get it up and running!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, whether this is your first post or your 100th. Your enthusiasm and support means the world, and I can hardly wait to share with you what’s ahead. See you at the new site!

My Own Personal Shark Week

The EXPEDITIONERS proofs are fresh of the presses and my illustrations for BURIED BENEATH US are in! So what, might you ask, am I up to right now? I’M PACKING FOR MY OWN PERSON SHARK WEEK, YO!!

Tomorrow I am flying out to San Francisco, California to accompany TOPP‘s (Tagging of Pacific Predators) white shark tagging team while they do their work at the Farallon Islands. No, I will not be cage diving, and feeding and petting the wild life is not advised, but I plan to sketch and photograph as much as possible and to interview as many people in the Farallon community as I can. Not to mention, of course, see my first white shark!

While this research trip isn’t mandatory for my book to see print, I’m absolutely certain that this first-hand experience will enrich the content of the project. It’s clear that the final pages are where I have the most rewriting to do, and being out on the water with Farallon scientists will fill out my understanding of these beautiful creatures and their fragile ecosystem.

I’m incredibly grateful to the Farallon community for the welcome enthusiasm and support of my book project! More to come soon! Follow me now on Twitter or Instagram at @KRoyStudio.

Star Island Shark Tournament 2012

Hello blog from our new New York apartment! I’m so sorry for my absence the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been desperately working away on the last touches on EXPEDITIONERS as I simultaneously unpack into our place and transition into the next book project. It turns out that fitting a two-bedroom life (complete with storage shed) into a one-bedroom life (without a storage shed) is quite the squeeze and many trips to Goodwill, but as the empty cardboard boxes get broken down a home is beginning to appear underneath. I’m delighted to say that the interior art on EXPEDITIONERS is done and the full fold-out cover near completion. I am super duper excited to hold the book this fall!

In the midst of all this I decided to take Saturday off to travel out to Montauk, Long Island with art teacher Jeff Fisher’s weekly location drawing class to sketch at the 26th Annual Star Island Shark Tournament. Like the late 19th-century French idea of drawing “en plein air,” location drawing forces an artist to solve content, composition, and color problems in the moment and directly from life. Class began in a nearby shipyard to warm up with fishing boats and pilings before heading to Star Island to claim front row spots around the judging area and settle in for an intense afternoon.

With over $500,000 in prize money at stake there were many dozen teams competing to catch the biggest sharks, and the crowd of families and tourists grew as boat after boat arrived to deliver the fish to the judges. Each shark was hoisted up, weighed, and photographed, then cut down, measured for length, and gutted. The carcass was then either cut up for use at a nearby research lab or trimmed into steaks for the team that caught it. The heads, tails, fins, and guts were tossed into the front of a construction loader for easy trips to the dumpster.

While watching dozens of sharks drop stomachs and lose heads isn’t exactly my idea of a good time, the fast pace of the tournament was quite the drawing challenge and gave me some on-the-ground context for our cultural obsession with these predators. Great white sharks are no longer hunted for tournaments, much to the disappointment of every small child present. Their endangered status keeps fisherman catching blues, makos, and threshers instead. Hammerheads are qualified too, though none were caught at this event.

It takes enormous endurance to draw all day in the midst of crowds and heat, but for me this guerrilla approach keeps me in shape for better and better work done in the studio. This trip was also the first time out with my new 11″ x 16″ Moleskin sketchbook; I loved having so much breathing room to collage and try out ideas (but next time I’ll be sure to put more sunscreen on my arms!). Keep an eye out for its filling pages throughout the summer on this blog. In the meantime, a few photos from the tournament:

Cartoon Crier

This month The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) is teaming up with National Cartoonists Society (NCS) to publish a tabloid-style newspaper full of comics that explore humor and sorrow, and it looks like my Caterpillar 4-panel strip will be among the many other contributions! Based on a true story, it begins with Caterpillar’s discovery that a dastardly rat has been eating the cookies…

This one-shot edition will feature gags, strips, and a few full-page features drawn by both NCS and CCS faculty, students, and alumni. The copies will be given away for free at the upcoming spring conventions, as well as in the lobby of CCS during gallery hours. Stop in to pick up your copy later this month!



Cartoon College: The New Trailer!

The new trailer for the film Cartoon College is out, and I am in it (however briefly) along with an instantaneous shot of my work! I’ll be making a slightly longer appearance in the full version of the film, along with pretty much everyone else who went to The Center for Cartoon Studies between 2009 and 2010. Check out the website for more details on the debut date this year. Yay!

Introducing My Agent!

With great excitement (and not just a little singing from the new Muppet movie) I am delighted to announce that I am teaming up with ever-talented Stephen Barr of Writer’s House as my new literary agent! Thanks to an introduction through mutual friends, agents Sorche Fairbank and Ken Wright, my tentative search for representation catapulted forward within moments of our first meeting. Stephen is sincere, transparent, friendly, ambitious, collaborative, and amazingly enthusiastic about my work, and I can’t imagine a better team for kicking-ass and taking names as we dive in and work on awesome books together! I am completely honored to both accept his offer of representation and to join the incredible Writer’s House client list. Expect to hear enormous praise for him in the weeks and months (and years) ahead. A toast! To the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Cheers, Stephen!

RISD Alumni & Student Art Sale

Hey folks! Head down to Providence this Saturday for the annual RISD Fall Alumni + Student Art Sale, featuring tons of gorgeous art in every medium! The sale is free and open to the public from 10am to 4pm, on Benefit Street between Waterman and Hopkins Street on College Hill. We will be right on the corner of Waterman and Benefit selling cat and dog themed Christmas cards, notecards of all kinds, giclee prints, and original art, including View of Industria and a number of brand new figure drawings. I hope to see you there!